How Could You Forget That Your Air Must Be Clean?

Go for it. And don’t you ever lose hope. You may not have been too well for a while already. You have been there and done that. You did do the right thing. You went to the doctors. Something was up. Or rather, something was not quite right with your lung pipes. You were sent for tests. Clean as a whistle, and no risks of cancer. Well, not yet anyway. But there certainly could have been a risk of disease. It would not have mattered if you never smoked a day in your life and always kept your social distance by keeping a mile away from those who did.

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Those who smoked. Past tense because some of them may not have made it very far. You are all in the middle of a global pandemic. And you are not at all ever going to be immune, vaccine or not. Clean air policies have become even more important. Companies like Howard Air would have got that memo years ago already. What was it all about then? Well, these are your specialist companies that deal with HVAC systems and air conditioning units, portable sized perfect fit for the domestic environment and industrial sized good for business.

These are the companies that do design work. They manufacture the goods if you will. And they do the installation work too. They will also do regular maintenance checks as well. Repair work if necessary, should also be done. But it means nothing if the customer has not got in touch with them. These technicians may be good at what they do but they are not clairvoyants. They could send polite reminders every once in a while. But will people listen to them?

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